A Letter to My Lovelies

Sweet babies of mine. Each one of you is so precious to me and I am beyond blessed to be your Mama. Vanessa, your heart with gracious and kind, your spirit is fierce and brace. Zeke, you are great at making people laugh and I love your thinking mind; you are strong and courageous and will do great things. Abby, your tender heart brings me such joy and your love and kindness is so special, both to people and animals. You are beautiful inside and out! Angelina, you are a fighter, fierce like your sisters, and I love the way you give love and hugs. You are mighty and joyful. Natalie, you are such a bright light and sweet spirit. You are quick, strong, and basically a ninja. 

I love each one of you so much. As I lay here, after giving each one of you sleepy hugs and kisses, Natalie cuddled on my chest, I hear the Lord speak to my heart. “Give them to me. I am trustworthy. It’s going to be okay.”  

Your Daddy and I leave in a few hours to go celebrate our anniversary. It’s our first time ever leaving you sweet ones for any real length of time. We are going to rest and laugh and remember all the great things about being married to your best friend. As for you, rest in the Lord because he is always good. Mama and Daddy will be back, Lord willing, and so ready and excited to parent! I love love love you!  


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