Mornings with Natalie J #16months

We’ve been attempting to sleep train Natalie this week. Like just about everything we’ve tried with this little monkey, she wants to do things her way and not like her siblings at all. While I would love to actually sleep and not breastfeed all night, I’m not sure I want to give up mornings like these yet ❤️


These bring on all kinds of feelings. Wanting to cherish these moments and slow down. Wondering if she’s our last and if I’m ok with that. Wanting all these little people to just sleep ALREADY. Wanting to be able to follow these dreams I have for me and wondering if they can be woven into motherhood without compromising the things I want for my kids. Looking at that impish grin behind her binky and pleas for “milkkkyyyyy” and wondering why I’m even worrying about these things and not just loving the moments. 

Lord, take these questions. See my heart. See my kids. Help me to know that these days of frustration and trying and struggle and joy are all part of the shaping of my faith and my character. Hold me as I grow weary. Teach me, Lord, to be more like you. And please, help us to sleep. 

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