Natalie J #10monthsold

10 Months might be my favorite age with you, sweet Natalie! You are so much fun! I love the way you still sit and cuddle with me, especially right before or right after a nap. Rocking in the chair with you on my chest is one of my most favorite things. You are chatting and talking like crazy; you say “Mama”, “Dada, “da” for dog, “baba”, “YiaYia”, “no-no”, and “nigh-nigh”. You wave and almost blow kisses. You like to sign especially “all done”, “more”, and your favorite, “MILK”! 

You are so brave, climbing and exploring. I kept having to take you off the picnic table in nursery today, teaching you how to come down backwards. You’re a speedy crawler, even up stairs! You love to sit in the rocking chair, even climbing over it on to the couch! 

I love that you love me so much; I can’t even describe how much I love you, sweet baby of mine. You make my heart so full. 


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