(Almost) 6 months old #NatalieJ

6/23/15- Sweet baby girl. I can’t believe you are already almost 6 months old! Time is flying by but I feel a gift in God has given me little snippets of time slowing down and being able to cherish special moments with you. You have figured out this whole sitting thing! And had tastes of avocado, applesauce, watermelon, and gnawed on cucumbers, pickles, and carrots! You belly laugh often and are quick to offer me a huge grin like I’m your most favorite person in the world! I love the way your hand dances softly across my chest while the nurse, coming up to my face so I can kiss your hand every now and then. You roll with ease both ways and will chew on anything you can get your hands! We love you so much, Natalie!! 

Father’s Day 2015


First ride in the Costco cart!

Cherry picking at Greenbluff 


Snoozing with Daddy- you love to cuddle ❤️  

Big girl bath for the first time! 

Brother loves to play with you! He put your crown on and said, “Mommy! Quick! Take our picture!” 

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