5 Months #NatalieJ

I love mornings with Natalie. She’s usually up between 6-8am to nurse and I love the way her cheeks are all rosy and her body relaxed into mine. She has started softly, gently rubbing my arm & chest while she nurses; it’s the sweetest thing! 

Most mornings, Natalie, you wake up cooing and talking softly. Rosy cheeks, wide eyes, big smiles. You love to kick your feet and grab your toes and you are chewing on everything in sight. You discovered how to work Mama’s water bottle and you love getting tastes when you play with it. You still regularly spend hours babywearing and we’ve incorporated ergo rides in addition to your favorite, the ring sling. You are almost sitting; you can sit up in your bouncer, from laying on your back in the boppy, and in your rock n play! Won’t be long before you can stay sitting instead of folding in half or rolling over 😉 You also learned how to roll back to tummy this week! You made “da-da” sounds and lots of other chatter & talking! 

I love you so much, baby girl! You are such a joy, every single day. 

Love, Mommy ❤️

You really wanted Daddy’s ice cream!!



I leaned you back to take your picture and you sat right up!     

Abby & Natalie at church ❤️  

Almost too big for newborn cloth   

First tastes of water- you’re in love!   

Date night with Mommy & Daddy   

Yiayia loves you!  

Not 5 months already??  

Swaddle sleep in attempt to get to you go longer than 4 hours 😉

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