Kindergarten Boy

My sweet Z had his first school concert tonight. He has been so excited, practicing his songs at home and telling me all about the glockenspiel he was chosen to play. As he stood up with his class tonight, my heart is so full. I am so proud of the boy is growing into!

Zeke, I love the way you are a leader. You are full of plans and promptly go through with each of them. You are kind and you are embracing your role as the only brother, the oldest of your little sisters. From the time you were barely 3 and pulled Abby out of the driveway (Mama knew you two were safe but you didn’t), you have continued to love on and lead your little sissies. 

This week you told me how important it was to love God first. That you love God first for always, #2 was Nessa, #3 is Mommy. We’ll see how that goes 😉 You also tell me how when you grow up, you know you have to live in Cheney because Mommy loves you so much. 

I love the way you’re learning to read; you were so curious and pick words out wherever we are. You will listen to audiobooks for hours every day even, laying in bed before you sleep or while you’re playing Legos or drawing. I love how you like to carry notebooks and pencils – set to write down all of your ideas and draw your plans. You love to draw pirate maps and American flags and make all kinds of cards. My favorite one this week was when you made thank you cards to social workers, complete with “I love you” inside. You really like music, and math too. You solve math problems in your head love to figure out how things work. 

I love that you like to make your own breakfast, reassuring me that you won’t spill the milk. You make toast for you and Abby and you two are the very best of buddies. You are kind and loving and brave too. You love your baby Natalie, and like to sing songs and make her laugh, especially when you trip over invisible things. You play with Lina, and even like to help take care of her by making sure she’s buckled in the highchair and not playing in the bathroom. You and Nessa do all kinds of things, everything from adventures to science experiments to chalk and volleyball in the front yard. I love that you are such a great brother. 

I love you, sweet boy of mine! You will always be my firstborn, the baby that made me a Mama. I pray that you will grow to love Jesus with all your heart and follow in his ways every day of your life. I pray that you will be a strong leader for your family and in your work and friend relationships. I pray that you would be brave and bold and courageous, doing great things with great love. 
I love you little boy, each new milestone is a celebration. Grow well my love. 

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