(Almost) 27 weeks

Sweet baby: I think I feel more in love with you every day! You are getting so active and wiggly. I can tell you are growing as I can feel you on both sides of my belly at once. Almost every time your brother or sisters lay against me, you push right out to say hi. We are still doing Zumba & running (all be it, very slowly!) and have a 10k next Saturday. After that, it’s elliptical for us! I have some soreness in my lower back & occasional sciatica but otherwise I’m feeling great. So thankful for the gift of carrying you!

My cravings include: all kinds of potatoes including cheap BBQ chips & French fries, cheese & caramel popcorn mix, sesame green beans, & nectarines.

A few fun memories include first day of school, fair and the circus!, final September day on the lake, A learning how to walk, and playing backyard soccer!





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