Hello 12 Weeks!

We had an ultrasound on Monday and baby was measuring 12+0 weeks bumping us forward a bit. The images were incredible! Baby is so very much baby- already! We could see crossed legs, hands, nose, ears, and oh so much more. There’s a mysterious little bump that may make us guess boy but the tech reminded us it’s just too early to tell 😉 Beautiful, strong, steady heartbeat at 170 bpm.




I’m overall feeling much better than a few weeks ago. Nausea creeps up occasionally in the car or throughout the day but not constant anymore. I’m still tired (can you say asleep at 9pm on the couch missing Bones!) but starting to feel a bit more energy and motivation throughout the day. It’s the last week of school so I’m hoping we’ll just keep trending that way 🙂

Cravings: Potatoes, Mexican food, Kalamata Olives- yum!

Memories made:

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