Halfway there- 20 weeks

Sweet baby love of mine,

We have reached 20 weeks today! This afternoon I will go in for our ultrasound where I get a sneak peek of your beautiful face and little body that I feel turning and wiggling inside of me. In the last few days I’ve been able to feel the beginning of kicks; that almost shocking feeling when you wonder “is this real? Is this baby moving or am I making this up?” 🙂

The last month or so has been pretty smooth sailing; I am so thankful! I have very little nausea, I’m tired but not completely exhausted, some low back pain when I’m moving too much, and my emotions have settled out for the most part. I’ve still been running, not nearly as much as I’d like, but I will take any at this point! Between the smoke and 100 degree temps, I’m staying between 4-10 miles a week. I even attempted lap swim this week- whew!

Little love, we are dreaming about who you will be and what we will call you. I like Cole, William, and Micah and Daddy loves William too; it may be a race with Uncle James & Auntie Tess’ baby for that name too though 🙂 I love Bria or Natalie and Daddy loves Zoe; we will see where we settle out there! Will you be spunky and spirited or easy-going and cuddly? I know your big sisters and brother will just adore you!

Praying today as we see Dr. Z this afternoon. I want to know you are healthy and strong and we will meet you when it’s time. I love you sweet love.

Memories Made:

Camping at Kamp Kaleo, swim lessons, first year at the Rodeo, lots of fun outside!

Cravings: Carmel/cheese mix popcorn, watermelon, berries, salty & sweet combos







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