Morning Mascara

We celebrated a momentous occasion this weekend! On Friday night, Abby girl fell asleep in her big girl bed! I went to bed loving how easily she went down and thinking about this great new phase we are entering.

Saturday at 6am I woke up to this.


Our beloved Abigail had gotten up, taken off her pjs, put on her favorite dress, opened my suitcase, taken out my makeup bag, and thoroughly applied mascara. She moved to the bathroom, climbed up on the stool, opened the cabinet and tasted red bath coloring tablets. She then lined several tablets up on the bathroom stool- matching the gripper dots on the top of it. As far as we know (ha!) she then came in, greeting me with “Mommy! I’m awake! I dressed!!” All I could do was laugh and snuggle her close while she watched PBS on the iPhone (love that app!) and tried to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Oh Abigail- we love you!

Here’s to putting up the baby gate 😉


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