My Littlest Man

My heart has been overflowing with love for my son.  Cherishing those peanut butter kisses, morning snuggles, reading stories- over and over, his little boy hand in mine, caring big brother moments (singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to Sissy while she sits on the potty), and fro-yo bonding moments with big sister while we watch the construction equipment through the window.

He is growing so fast, my little boy.  A leader among his peers, actively learning- letters into words, numbers into addition.  Kind and helpful, yet rough and tumble, tackling with his bear hugs.  Is it possible we are approaching his fourth birthday already?

I think back to those beautiful newborn days.  Hours upon hours, cuddling, feeding, reading, staring at this miracle of perfection.  How blessed we are.  Lord, please let Z know how much we love him.  And even more, Lord, let us teach him to love you, to follow you, and be a man of God.

Sweet baby-  3 weeks old Sweet baby-  3 weeks old 2 years oldHandsome litttle man Mama's Boy

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