Teaching My Kids: Love Does

We have a beautiful, 12 year old daughter.  We are working through the process of foster-adopt with her right now and enjoying the ride that comes along.  Sometimes I worry because we haven’t had the opportunity to teach, love, and support her during her formative years of childhood, then I look at my amazing girl and know that God has had his hand of her life during every single moment, especially those where we couldn’t be.

Nights like this continue to confirm that truth.  I’m reading a fantastic book called, Love Does.  It’s all about embracing the life that God has called us into, a life of doing, loving.  Tonight, we sat down and snuggled under blankets, sharing the kindle while reading a chapter of this great book.  We talked about how God meets us where we are and how we can love God by loving others and all kinds of things.  One of our favorite parts was “I can see, both through the good times and the bad times, that God has been with me.” What a particularly relevant truth for our sweet girl and a beautiful reminder for each of us.



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2 Responses to Teaching My Kids: Love Does

  1. We are in the process (a drawn out, nearly 1 year process) of applying for our foster care license (with the intention…rather hope of adoption). Oh your words are music to my ears! I can’t help but cry reading “I can see, both through the good times and the bad times, that God has been with me.” This is so true though it is hard to see God with us, when we’re in it…held up by only Him and crying “Do you hear me?!”. Thank you for the reminder. May God’s blessings be with you and your growing family!

    • Thanks for sharing! Praying with you as you trust God in the timing; we’ve found that His timing is one of the most important pieces with foster care! He will continue to be with your family 🙂

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