Teaching My Kids: Moses

We are reading this great book right now, The Story of God, The Story of Us, and it has been a huge blessing!  It’s been wonderful hearing, revisiting, the big story that we are a part of, that God has called us in to.  There is a quote included by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, “Commit this story to memory.  Tell it to your kids.  Let it direct your life.”

I’ve been trying to take that statement to heart.  God is so good and so big and his story is one to be told.  My preschool-aged son, Z, loves to read his Bible storybook.  He brings it to me almost daily and we sit and read.  Sometimes, before bed, he grabs his Bible and begs me to read to him… a stalling tactic… quite possibly… but can I really refuse to read him his Bible?!?  Anyways, he loves the story of Moses, particularly the burning bush part.  I decided one morning a few weeks ago, to choose to teach him this amazing story instead of maybe some more Dinosaur Train on Netflix 😉

We rolled out the butcher paper, grabbed the marker bin, and started drawing the story of Moses.  We went page by page, Moses as a baby, in Egypt then Midian, and then returning to Egypt challenging Pharaoh, and finally crossing the Red Sea.  I want to share this with you, to show you how easy it was to teach him.  He loved it and we worked together on it, telling and retelling the story.  My hope is that it inspires you to do the same!

Our Story of Moses

Little Moses… staff and all!

“Commit this story to memory.  Tell it to your kids.  Let it direct your life.” -Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

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