Thankful: Round 1

Today I choose to be thankful. Thankful for the crisp, colorful leaves and the sunshine through our big windows. Thankful for my sweet baby girl, insisting on being held by me… all day. This too shall pass. But for now, I choose to enjoy it and her cuddles. Thankful for my giggling boy, his wild imagination, and love for all things trains. Thankful for the street sweeper; the highlight of our morning. Thankful for iChoice; our local pregnancy center and for my friends and family who help with my kids so I can spend several hours a week there mentoring young women. Thankful for our small community and connections we have made. Thankful for our home, messy or clean, and the way we can serve Christ by opening it up. Thankful for the days ahead and the amazing children we will continue to be a family to. Thankful for the social workers and the difficult job they do, day in and day out.

Choosing to be thankful. It makes my day so much more.

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