Beautiful Heart

Today we were driving and my son, he’ll turn 3 in a few weeks, asked me, “Mommy, is that boy sad?”  I glanced around and seeing no one, asked who he meant.  “That boy.  Sitting under the train tunnel, with his head down.  Is he sad?”  I realized he was talking about the homeless man, sitting under the bridge that we had passed a few minutes before.  “He might be sad, or maybe he’s hungry, or doesn’t have a home.” I replied carefully.  Seconds of silence passed.  “Mommy, we need to find a house for him.  Maybe that one, or that one.  Maybe our house?”  This little heart of his, so willing to give generously.  “How about a sandwich?  Maybe we could bring him lunch?” I offered.  “Yeah!  And then the boy under the train tunnel will be happy.” Z sat back, smiling.

We stopped by home to grab a few things and made a sack lunch.  We returned to town, drove in a few circles, until finally we passed the man, still sitting, eyes down, resting under the bridge.  I rolled down my window, and Z’s a bit too, and passed him the lunch.  He smiled at us and my heart beamed with pride with my sweet son’s heart for loving others.

I pray that I will have a heart as generous and willing as his.  Eyes open to the world and the people around.  Open to God’s prompting and willing to follow through.  I pray that our children will grow up to love others, especially those who are so often rejected by the world.  That we would work together to see and meet their needs and through our tangible means, they would feel and be drawn toward our loving God.

My kind-hearted boy

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