Unexpected Blessings

Last week I met with the ladies I do Bible study/small group with and one of them shared about this young lady she had met who was walking through homelessness, had a two year old, and was very pregnant.  The shelter she was staying at had somehow contacted my friend, also a foster parent, to ask if she’d provide respite for the toddler while this mama had her baby.  My friend asked me if I’d be the backup in case she was unavailable.  I agreed and this mama remained on my heart all week.

Thursday evening my friend ended up getting a phone call that this mama was in labor.  She was unavailable so I ended up picking her and her daughter up and taking them into Labor and Delivery.  Labor hadn’t yet started so I ended up taking them back home.  I spent several hours with this young mom, listening to her story, sharing pieces of mine, and forming a friendship.  Friday, we went in again, one false alarm, and then Friday night, finally to be admitted.  As I drove this mama into the hospital, I shared about being a labor support to a friend of mine for three of her babies and offered my help to her.  “You can’t have a baby alone,” I said, “I can stay in the waiting room or in the room supporting you, whatever you’d like”, and she accepted, thankful.  We spent hours together, breathing through contractions, walking the halls, and holding her still during the epidural, all the while praying that somehow God would use me to love her.

Just before lunchtime, her sweet baby boy finally made his appearance.  It was one of the most amazing, glorious moments ever.  To get to be a part of this beautiful birth, this mama working to give her children a better life, and our God who orchestrated each detail.  I’m so thankful to have been able to be a part of this, so thankful that God directed me and I was open to his leading, and praying that I continue to seek his will and get to be a part of him changing hearts and lives.  He is so good.

Sweet, sweet baby!

Such a miracle!


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