Brave: 5 Minute Friday

We got a little boy early this morning; they dropped him off around 1:30am.  He was hesitant and scared, repeatedly asking to go home and for mama.  He was dressed in backwards, dirty clothes, no socks.  This sweet boy, torn from his world by police officers and kind, but unfamiliar social workers, and placed into mine.  “I don’t want to have a sleepover.  I want to go home.”

With all the kids and bio parents I have worked for, a phrase is passed to almost every child.  “Be brave.  Be brave for Mommy, sister, brother, Daddy, etc.”  I can’t imagine being that young child and completely confused and upset.  Maybe afraid to cry, not wanting to disappoint the call to be brave.

It’s okay for our kids not to be brave.  Especially in these types of circumstances.  But can we teach them, they’re loved?  I pray that we will come aside our kids, however long or short they’re in our family, even our forever kids, and show them love.  Let them be secure in knowing we love them, God loves them, and through love we can be confident that God is in control and he is with us.

Okay-first 5 minute Friday over!  It can be kind of intimidating not being able to sit and think over my thoughts.  But, I really like it 🙂  Thanks to The Gypsy Mama!

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2 Responses to Brave: 5 Minute Friday

  1. Wow – I think you are very brave. Being a foster parent has to be the bravest thing ever. I met a foster parent at church. She had been given a baby from birth – 8 months. They were thinking of adopting when the grandparent wanted the baby returned. Oh my that was hard. That family now has another 3 month baby they are “loving over”.
    Loving a child can teach them to endure when needed and be brave but teaching them about God gives the child the knowledge that God loves them too and will watch over them.
    Bless you as you care for these children.

    • Thank you, Jan! Foster care has been one of the hardest, best things we’ve ever done as a family! We had a similar situation with kids we planned to adopt and then a move to grandparents. We have to release those sweet babies into God’s hands and trust that he loves them even more than we do. Thank you for your encouragement! Meaghan

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