Refreshed and Recharged

So I’ve been talking with my dear friend about doing a scrapbooking day; we went a retreat a few years ago and loved it, but have gotten SO behind since then!  Our amazing husbands got together and watched all our kids- all five of them!

It was a beautiful day; we started about 10:30am and went until after 8pm with a few tasty breaks in between.  It felt so good to be creative, to remember memories and pictures of my family and friends, and to dream about what’s to come.  We also talked and shared our hearts- who we’ve been, who we are, and everything in between.  Ah, to feel so encouraged and affirmed.  It’s like I’m ready to take on life again, armed with my beautiful memories and dreams of what’s to come.  Thank you, God, for friendship and honesty.  That I might learn from her story and she from mine.  For husbands that are willing to love their wives enough to see their need for a break and step up.  For the choice to cherish little moments and make many memories.  For my beautiful children; God, I am so thankful!

To share in Tami’s story, see her blog at about adoption, Down’s Syndrome, being a military family, and loving the Lord.

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