Something crazy

I did something crazy this Sunday.  I signed up for my first half marathon.  Eek!  I’m excited and nervous; I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.  I started running almost two years ago, ran for about two months and then found out I was pregnant with Abby girl.  I was placed on bedrest for eight weeks and not able to run the rest of my pregnancy.  I started back up a few weeks after she was born last April and have run off and on since then.

I had a dream the other night where I was dying; one of my final thoughts was “I’ll never get to run a half marathon.” Pathetic?  Maybe a little.  But it kicked me into gear and inspired me to stop dreaming about it and go for it!

So I’m officially signed up for my first half marathon; May 19th.  My hubby thought I was a bit crazy for trying to do it in 2 1/2 months, but two of my good friends were super encouraging.  I’m excited and nervous; looking forward to see how my body responses and loving the quiet time while I run.  I did 4.75 miles on Saturday and then 3 miles this morning brr, it was 24 degrees!  May 19th and sunny, warmer weather… here I come!

My amazing running group and I after our first race together last July; I'm #1384

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