Re-orientation, The “P’s”

A follow-up to living the Lord’s Prayer


  • How important is it for me to be present in my life?  My day, my community, my relationships?  Purposefully present.
  • Jesus prays with us; he is present with us.  He walks with us, lives this life with us, 100% God yet 100% human.
  • He calls us to “follow me, live with me, pray with me.”  He identifies with us.
  • So what does it mean to be present where I am?


  • Jesus was/is close with us; the Holy Spirit whispers to me throughout the day.  He is close; will I choose to acknowledge him?  Respond to him?
  • I need to be here, where I am, both in body and spirit.  “Live where we’re planted.”

I’m really struggling with this location.  We feel that it would be wise to buy a house, to invest our money in something instead of renting.  How important is it for us to be here, to be in these schools, to be in the West Plains?  Is God calling us to be here or am I imposing my ideas of what I want, my ideals?
God, you know I love this area.  I love being by our families, I love the smaller communities.  I desire to get to know these women and these families.  I feel a need, a lacking of real community, of people being vulnerable and loving each other, really showing who Christ is to one another.  Are you calling us to minister here?  If you are leading us somewhere else, help me to acknowledge and accept that.


  • Philippians 2:5-8; Jesus took the very nature of a servant
  • Matthew 20:20-28; the least shall be the greatest
  • What does it look like to be humble?  To serve?  To lay down my rights?
  • Jesus teaches us, models for us: “Your will, Father, not mine.”

Am I willing to choose that as well?  What more could God have in store for me if I just laid down myself and rested in Him teaching me and reshaping me to be more like Him?


  • The Passion of Christ
  • Colossians 1:24
  • Choosing to bear the pain and suffering of one another in compassion and empathy
  • Sharing in Christ’s pain as we’re reminded of Christ’s resurrection

Only as we walk through the suffering can we get the clearest picture of Christ’s resurrection.  What are you asking me to walk through?  With who?  Will I choose to be a part of redemption and experience your pain and resurrection?  Or will I back off, content to be coasting?


  • The kingdom is here, now!  Jesus spoke freely, “come, repent, and believe!”
  • It’s my job to tell my story, boldly, with words as well as actions.

A huge thanks to my church,, and Justin; a wise friend and teacher.

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