Big Kids.

I love these moments with big kids. We’ve been going to library pretty regularly once every week or so and my kids are devouring books! So thankful Abby has learned to read this year #BlessyouMrsAbleman and Zeke is an avid reader as usual ❤️

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A Letter to My Lovelies

Sweet babies of mine. Each one of you is so precious to me and I am beyond blessed to be your Mama. Vanessa, your heart with gracious and kind, your spirit is fierce and brace. Zeke, you are great at making people laugh and I love your thinking mind; you are strong and courageous and will do great things. Abby, your tender heart brings me such joy and your love and kindness is so special, both to people and animals. You are beautiful inside and out! Angelina, you are a fighter, fierce like your sisters, and I love the way you give love and hugs. You are mighty and joyful. Natalie, you are such a bright light and sweet spirit. You are quick, strong, and basically a ninja. 

I love each one of you so much. As I lay here, after giving each one of you sleepy hugs and kisses, Natalie cuddled on my chest, I hear the Lord speak to my heart. “Give them to me. I am trustworthy. It’s going to be okay.”  

Your Daddy and I leave in a few hours to go celebrate our anniversary. It’s our first time ever leaving you sweet ones for any real length of time. We are going to rest and laugh and remember all the great things about being married to your best friend. As for you, rest in the Lord because he is always good. Mama and Daddy will be back, Lord willing, and so ready and excited to parent! I love love love you!  


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Mornings with Natalie J #16months

We’ve been attempting to sleep train Natalie this week. Like just about everything we’ve tried with this little monkey, she wants to do things her way and not like her siblings at all. While I would love to actually sleep and not breastfeed all night, I’m not sure I want to give up mornings like these yet ❤️


These bring on all kinds of feelings. Wanting to cherish these moments and slow down. Wondering if she’s our last and if I’m ok with that. Wanting all these little people to just sleep ALREADY. Wanting to be able to follow these dreams I have for me and wondering if they can be woven into motherhood without compromising the things I want for my kids. Looking at that impish grin behind her binky and pleas for “milkkkyyyyy” and wondering why I’m even worrying about these things and not just loving the moments. 

Lord, take these questions. See my heart. See my kids. Help me to know that these days of frustration and trying and struggle and joy are all part of the shaping of my faith and my character. Hold me as I grow weary. Teach me, Lord, to be more like you. And please, help us to sleep. 

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Everyday ordinary 

LpThank you, Lord, for helping me to delight in the everyday ordinary today. The adorable, blue eyed, dimpled smile and delicate chin of the toddler who wants to do everything Mommy does. My littlest love, giggling, babbling, finding joy in trying on shoes and climbing on the step stool, her smile quick and easy for me. So many “normal” things seemed almost magical today, Lord. Thank you for helping me to see my life like you do. Please continue to help me to delight in my family and in you, my Lord. 


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Natalie J #10monthsold

10 Months might be my favorite age with you, sweet Natalie! You are so much fun! I love the way you still sit and cuddle with me, especially right before or right after a nap. Rocking in the chair with you on my chest is one of my most favorite things. You are chatting and talking like crazy; you say “Mama”, “Dada, “da” for dog, “baba”, “YiaYia”, “no-no”, and “nigh-nigh”. You wave and almost blow kisses. You like to sign especially “all done”, “more”, and your favorite, “MILK”! 

You are so brave, climbing and exploring. I kept having to take you off the picnic table in nursery today, teaching you how to come down backwards. You’re a speedy crawler, even up stairs! You love to sit in the rocking chair, even climbing over it on to the couch! 

I love that you love me so much; I can’t even describe how much I love you, sweet baby of mine. You make my heart so full. 


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Disneyland trip memories 2015

playing “Name that movie” when listening to Disney music. I asked Abby if she wanted to meet Belle at Disneyland and Daddy asked about the scary beast to which Abby proclaimed “I love him!”

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Life according to Abigail

Daddies are smart

Moms are the best

Grandmas cook

Grandpas sit

Sisters dance

Teenagers are smart 

Brothers are handsome. By that I mean marry. I’m going to marry Casen. (Zeke: I know that!)

Abby 4 years old 


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